Bugsplosion Original Soundtrack EP

by Brandon Walsh

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Bugsplosion is a game for iOS/Android that will be released in June 2013.

For more information regarding the fantastic bug squishing game, please check www.bugsplosion.net.

The music for the game has been inspired by, and created using, several of the classic 8 and 16-bit systems.

"Clubsplosion!" was my attempt to create some sort of mix between modern 'house' music and some C64 sweetness.

"Dancing Frogs", a song written in HivelyTracker for the Amiga, was touched up for some extra untz action. The only added sounds are some drum samples, the song itself is still pure Amiga, albeit somewhat touched up in the mix.

My favorite song from this EP is probably "Wings of Hippel". This homage to the great Mad Max, who provided me with countless hours of great YM music as a kid, tries to capture the sound from games such as Wings of Death and Lethal Xcess. This song is far from the 3+1 channels that he used back in the day but I still hope that I've managed to capture the right feeling. Mad Max is one of my childhood heroes and his great YM music is certainly one of the reasons why I wanted to try my hand at writing music when I was around 12 years old. This is my way of saying "thank you, Mr. Hippel" for all those great songs I've been listening to for years on end.

"To the Moon and Beyond" is inspired by a very famous and well known NES track from the game "Duck Tales". The goal with this song was to write something that sounded like it, but still was a completely different tune. Since I've already remixed "The Moon" a while back I decided to supercharge this song as well. I may have gone overboard but I guess that is just the Brandon way of doing things.

"To Norway with Love" and "Golden Moments" come more or less straight from my album "Old school, New school, High school". I always thought that "Norway..." would fit perfectly in a fast paced game so that was a pretty easy decision. For the end tune we needed something cheesy and thus we went for "Golden Moments" which indeed turns the cheese dial up all the way to 11.

I hope you enjoy the music and also, naturally, the game.


released June 3, 2013

All songs written, produced and mastered by Daniel Wressle.
Cover art by Emil Zeilon.

Bugsplosion soundtrack (C) 2013 Casa Walsh Productions
Bugsplosion (C) 2013 Emil Zeilon



all rights reserved


Brandon Walsh Sweden

I grew up with the Commodore 64 eight bit home computer extraordinaire of the 80's as my main source of musical inspiration during my youth.

Nowadays I try to produce many different styles of music, but my heart seems to be deeply rooted in simple waveforms, pulsewidth modulated arpeggios and catchy tunes.

I hope you like my music.
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